Empowerment Self-Defense for Women - Beginning

This 4-session course is open to all who identify as women. Designed for the novice student, these classes are appropriate for all ages (16 and up) and physical abilities.

In these classes you will learn a variety of options for staying safe -- many of which are not physical -- including awareness skills, avoidance strategies, projecting confidence, using your intuition, how to set and maintain strong boundaries, and other verbal self-defense techniques.

Students also learn effective physical skills including releases from various holds, and ways to disable an assailant with basic kicks and strikes. Each technique is broken down into easy-to-learn components and practiced safely in class.

Empowerment Self-Defense for Women - Intermediate

For students who have completed the beginning course and wish to continue their self-defense training with us. In this 4-session course we cover additional physical defenses and verbal strategies, building on the skills that students have previously learned. Please contact us if you are interested!